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Dave's Pumps and Motors is a complete electric motor repair facility. We have complete rewinding capabilities and a complete "in house" machine shop. If a motor or pump can be fixed, we can fix it.
We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible in repairing what we work on so we don't see it again for a very long time if ever again.

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Not really something you want to attempt at home unless you have a good selection of hand tools an acetylene oxygen torch a sandblaster a bench vise and a bake oven that is designed for volatile vapors.


Well unless your pump motor is less than 1-2 years old the first thing that usually happens is that the screws that hold the motor itself together break off and they are almost impossible to drill out with good results.

Most of the time intense heat from an acetylene torch is required to get the long screws out without breaking them.

Next you will notice some of the motor parts are rusted and corroded.

You could spend a lot of time with a wire brush trying to clean them with mediocre results.

At Dave’s we use a high pressure sand blaster to clean all the parts down to the bare metal and then give them a 5 layer baked enamel paint job for years of corrosion protection.

Now pulling the bearings off the shaft is another challenge and putting the new ones on requires a vise for good results

Then there’s the bearings.

At Dave’s we use only premium sealed bearings, usually Japanese never Chinese or third world country bearings, they are cheap low quality bearings.

Now you have the motor core with the wire and insulation

After several years of use the insulation gets small cracks that are hard to see but are there, these cracks are what cause the windings to eventually fail

Here at Dave’s we revarnish and bake almost all the motor cores that are over 1 year old, this fills the cracks and prolongs the life of the original winding.

So if you want a professional job


Bring your pump and motor to Dave’s

But if you still want to do it yourself we will sell you premium parts at a reasonable price and give you good advice if asked.


Most of the time motors that are ugly on the outside are perfectly good on the inside.
Sand blasting and a generous coat of baked on enemal paint go a long way for beauty and longevity.

Dave's carry most parts for most pumps

Dave's carry most capacitors for most motors

Dave's carry many gaskets and many sizes of O-Rings

Dave's carry many new & remanufactured motors ready to go

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